Personalized training program

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  • Increase your lean body mass!
  • Cut down your stubborn fat and excess body weight!
  • Get the body you’ve always wanted.
  • Custom created for man & women

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Effective and easy-to-follow personalized training program according your body type, type of activity, level of activity and goal that will help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted throught out gaining lean body mass and burning the unwanted fat!

YOU decide how many times you can visit the gym, which means you will tell me how much your free time and lifestyle allows you to train and the rest leave it to me – I will take care of what, when and how you should train in your workout days. Custom created and designed training program which includes the best and most effective exercise, number of reps and sets and the way to execute those specific exercises. All with one goal in mind – to help YOU achieve best results by having the best workout every time you train!


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This workout program will be created by me according to your goals, current level of fitness and activity and lifestyle! In order for you to ensure that you are on your right track and everything is going smoothly, you can contact me ANYTIME on my personal e-mail, facebook page or viber/whatsapp that will be available for you if we start working together.

You also get a FREE program for dietary supplements which includes my suggestions for what you could you it. It will be written in details what you should use, what is that particular supplement that you might have a benefit of it and when and how you should use it. Supplements are optional and they are great tool to help you achieve your goals in a more practical and easier way!

Once you contact me, I will send you a questionnaire that you should answer it in details and send it back to me. This will help me create the best possible meal plan for you! Once you send the questionnaire back, in 3-5 days I will create the meal plan and send it back to you. From that day on, your transformation can begin! Let ME be your guide on that journey.



For more details, you can contact me on my e-mail –
My facebook page – MarioFit – – hiperlink
My skype/whatsapp – 0038971360608