ИНТЕРВЈУ: Aaron Curtis, Австралијанската фитнес интернет сензација ексклузивно за MarioFit.net!


Age: 31

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 187-210lbs


MarioFit: How did you start with bodybuilding ?

Aaron Curtis:

I started training with weights in 1998, after a friend of the family gave me a couple dumbbells. I did not correlate lifting weights with growing muscles at the time, I just started lifting for something to do.


MarioFit: What workout routine has worked best for you ?

Aaron Curtis:

My best gains came from a 4 day split, using low volume, one set to failure per exercise, training 4 days per week.

Shoulders/Triceps Back/Rear Delt Off Chest/Biceps Quads/Hams Off Off

Calves and Abs were performed at some stage on an ‘Off’ day.


MarioFit: What is your diet like ?

Aaron Curtis:

My diet consists of 5 feedings per day, focusing mostly on whole, unprocessed food choices. I stack my carbs at feeding 1/Pre/Post workout meals, other meals fats moreso.

Current Bulking Diet:

  • Meal 1: 2 cups muesli, 333g low fat plain yogurt, 166g cottage cheese, 1 apple.
  • Meal 2: 250g kangaroo mince, 2 lettuce leaves, 1/6 avocado, 1/2 tomato, 1 celery stick,1 small mushroom, nuts, seeds, apple cidar vinegar, 30ml flax oil.
  • Meal 3: (Pre Workout) 2 cups brown rice (cooked), 270g tuna, lemon juice, sweet chili sauce, 1 banana.
  • Pre Training Shake: 15g whey, 5g BCAA, 20g dextrose.
  • Intra Training Shake: 5g BCAA, 20g dextrose.
  • Post Training Shake: 30g whey, 5g BCAA, and 40g dextrose.
  • Meal 4: (Post Workout) 200-250g chicken breast, 300-400g potatoes, salt and pepper.
  • Meal 5: UPS Pro Form (Meal Replacement).
  • Meal 6: 250-300 steak/chops, steamed veg/salad.
  • Meal 7: 4 eggs, 1/6 avocado, 90g tuna, 30ml olive oil, salt and pepper.



MarioFit: What is your supplementation like ?

Aaron Curtis:

Whey, BCAA, Creatine Monohydrate. I stick to the basics, this is what works for me very well.



MarioFit: What are your future plans in the fitness industry ?

Aaron Curtis:

I have been working within the industry as a personal trainer since 2004, so just continue with that and keep trying to get bigger and stronger!

MarioFit: Where does your motivation comes from ?

Aaron Curtis:

I can never answer this question very well, as was never really motivated by anything to begin lifting in the first place. I just enjoy pushing myself physically and trying to progress in the gym.



MarioFit: Your favourite motivational quote ?

Aaron Curtis:

Find something you love doing and do it better than anyone else.